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Hair Lengths Oil

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This concentrated blend includes natural plant oils to deeply hydrate and nourish the hair. Olive and coconut oils penetrate deep into the hair shaft to protect against damage and prevent frizz, whilst jojoba and almond oil forms a protective layer. This recipe, developed from centuries of south-asian hair oiling traditions, helps to heal damage and conditions the hair to revitalise and restore your tresses.

Use: Apply to the lengths of the hair (below the ear) and leave on for 15 mins up to overnight, and then wash off with a shampoo! This is a pre-shampoo treatment that can be used before each time you shower.

Limited supply available 

Patch test before using. Avoid contact with eyes - if contact occurs, consult a doctor. For external use only. Store in a cool, dry place. This is not a medical product or cure for any disease or illness.  


Sweet Almond Oil: Protects hair shaft and offers better resistance to breakage. Imparts shine without weighing the hair down.

Coconut oil: The fatty acids (lauric acid) penetrate the hair and coat each strand to fight off frizz and instantly transform hair.
Jojoba Oil: Seals the cuticles to defend against external stressors and protect your hair. Mimics the natural sebum produced by the scalp to deeply nourish.
Olive Oil: Rich source of vitamin E to strengthen hair fibers. Oleic acid softens the hair to produce a silky finish.

Customer Reviews

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harpreet anjal
this has been so amazing for me

I've been using this (sharing the bottle with my mum) for like 5 months now. I've really noticed a difference with how soft my hair feels. It just feels so much stronger as well which is well nice because I usually see lots of bits of hair snapping off at the ends. It's stopped doing that since I started using the oil. I like that it doesn't have a smell too because I can keep it in my hair when I run around during the day and nobody notices


love this, helped my hair so much. i used to get those annoying frizzy flyaways all over my head and this really helped smooth them out. i like the smell too, it's so subtle, whereas some oils smell really oily if that makes sense? i gifted this to my mom for christmas and she's been loving it too.

gerogie weowje
Great oil

I've used this for a few months and my hair definitely feels softer. Using with the growth oil because I've had some alopecia. I like the results so far and still have a lot of the bottle left. I can see that my hair is looking thicker and healthier now that I've been consistent with this.

Love it

Been using for some time now, hair feels softer and shinier. Really enjoying it so I’ll probably buy a few more as Christmas presents


I really like it, I’ve used for 6 weeks on me and my mom’s hair. We’ve both noticed a big improvement in the softness, like it doesn’t really feel dry anymore and it feels silky when I run my hands through my hair. Planning to buy one again when this runs out but I feel like this bottle will last me ages