How To Use:

Apply the growth oil twice per week if you are currently experiencing hair loss and reduce to once a week once the hair has grown back. If you do not regularly oil your hair already, only use once per week and leave in for 15 minutes before washing out, as your scalp will not be used to oiling. Once you have been oiling regularly for a few months, you can increase the frequency. If you are used to oiling your scalp, you may keep the oil on for longe. Only use the oil before showering as the oil must be washed out with shampoo.

Apply the lengths oil as often as needed before a shower. It is a pre-shampoo treatment designed to soften the hair and make it stronger and healthier, so it can be used as often as needed.

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Questions about our Hair Growth Oil

Does it work for men as well?

Yes! It's designed to work for everyone as it's a unisex oil!

Does your oil make oily or greasy hair more oily?

Not at all, in fact, oily/greasy scalp is usually a sign that your scalp is dry and needs more nourishment. Using an oil and washing it off can help reduce the oiliness over time.

Will your oil work for any hair type or porosity?

As this oil is meant for your scalp, hair type and porosity doesn't matter, so it works for all hair types.

How long should I leave it in?

Leave on between 15 minutes to overnight and then wash off in the morning

How long does the bottle last?

Around 12 months depending on how frequently you use it.

Can you tell us about your hair loss?

Hasini has described her hair loss journey in the 'about us' section - give it a read, it has a lot of info! 

How long does it take to see results from the hair oil?

After consistent use, you're likely to start seeing results within 3-6 months, but keep in mind that everyone's hair is different, so you may notice growth much sooner or later.

Can I put the oil on my eyebrows/beard?

This is a very potent blend of powerful oils, so we don't recommend using on the face. We're currently working on one that can be used on the face as well!


Questions about our services

What is the consultation process?

The consultation process will begin with an initial questionnaire, where Hasini will get to know more about you and your hair, including any hair issues you're experiencing, such as hair loss. Following this, Hasini will personally work with you to create the most suitable haircare routine for you and will provide advice on how to have a good hair day every day.

How long is the consultation process?

After the initial questionnaire is completed, Hasini will begin formulating the perfect haircare routine for you and will share this with you within a week! Please note that during peak times, this process may take longer and we will communicate this with you. 

What is the product review process?

Similar to Hasini Kay's viral Tiktok Review series, where she goes through the ingredients in each product and tells you what she thinks of them. However, if you request a product review on Tiktok, you may have to wait indefinitely due to the large number of product review requests. By paying for this service, you will be receiving a personalised, on-demand service so that you can get the review straight away.

How long is the product review process?

Each product review will be completed in 3 working days. If you order more than 1 product review, we can expedite the process so that each product will take 1 working day.


Questions about anything else

Are there any extra fees payable?

Please view the import rules for your own country prior to purchase, as some parts of the world charge import duties and other sanctions on items that are imported from the UK. We are unable to provide a full list of all sanctions that apply to every country globally and advise that you research the laws applicable to your country prior to purchasing.